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Three Rivers Auto Sales & Service

2524 Cass St
Fort Wayne, IN
(260) 422-5633

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Rating:  1.0 stars
They would much rather push their on problems on people that they call "customers"
October 17, 2016 by mattcw13

If you want to get taken advantage of (especially if they can see they have an opportunity to do so) you should go to this car lot. Not only did they rush the sales process even more than the rush I already was in after being advised that my time was short; but the the sales reps underplayed the situation to the extent that I left the lot in a car that was completely unsafe to drive after being inspected. Aside from this... only a small portion of any sort of repairs that were needed were mentioned (one of which was so underplayed that it sent the car into negative equity from the start). The car had a problem with the front axle. Anyone who knows anything about vehicles could foresee how that could become a problem (IE: axle falls off, driver loses control, an accident happens). Keep a clear distance from this place!! They even admitted the fact that they do not fully inspect their vehicles and simply purchase them at auction and push them off onto unsuspecting customers. If you want to be treated like a product rather than a human all means go to this place. Furthermore, the loan representative was friends with a member of this place and recommended me to him. I feel worse for her as she has been a tremendous person to work is a shame that her friends would prefer to treat people like this. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM! Look at the BBB; the only other report listed is a scam so similar to my own that it sickened me. The reply was even more sickening. Do yourself a favor and go to an actual dealership..not these people. They would much rather push their own problems on people that they call "customers" then admit when they themselves have wronged people. What in the world happened to these dealers morality?

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