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Jerry's Mercedes Benz

2060 Dobbs Rd# D
St Augustine, FL
(904) 829-5259

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2.3 stars 2.3 stars 
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Rating:  1.0 stars
April 30, 2013 by cody

They will take your car apart then give you a MASSIVE BILL TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER!
I am a pretty good mechanic so I know they screwed me Overcharging for parts, and saying to my face "you drive a Mercedes you can offord this" or "You are just cheap" when I pushed back.

STAY AWAY FROM JERRYS OR ELITE as they now call themselfs!
Rating:  5.0 stars
A very good experience
April 5, 2012 by Anonymous Driver

The clutch was slipping on my BMW and I started calling repair shops around town. I also looked at the price of parts for the repair online. Two other repair shops quoted me over $2000. which included over inflated parts costs. Chris at Jerry's fixed the clutch and repaired a seal and detailed the car for less than $1200 all done in just a couple of days. Thanks to all.
Rating:  1.0 stars
February 6, 2012 by funkypost

Unprofessional and unknowledgeable. Completed a (quite costly) repair that 2 other licensed repair shops in the same area said were unnecessary. When approached, Annette (the owner) got threatening and accused me of trying to get something for free. Tried to set up a time to show her two estimates to which she replied (with expletives) "F off" and hung up the phone. Don't subject yourself to this level of thug mentality.

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